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Digital Web Design – The Future That it Holds

There are many trends going on in a creative industry at one time. There are many creative and clever thinkers across the globe that are learning and borrowing from one another to emerge new trends.

Digital Web Design

It is always beneficial to know what’s happening in the industry and to see where you have to improve in order to develop and progress. The 4 most important trends that will be coming over the next few months are:

More brands adopt a mobile-first approach

Mobile-first design is the process of designing for mobile first then moving to the bigger ones. This approach has been in trend for years now but now with mobile phones used for browsing the web.

Companies have to realize the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen, and are rushing to get involved.

Wider implementation of responsive design

Responsive design is something which has been around for a few years, but in coming years it is expected to uptake in the number of brands, both big and small, who are building responsive-based sites. It has become important to build a site using CSS media queries to create a single, dynamic site to best display on various sized devices.

Responsive Design


Widespread utilization of rapid prototyping tools

Rapid prototyping tools are one of the most useful breakthroughs to hit the web-design world over the last year. Rapid prototyping tools allow designers to create working in high fidelity prototypes of sites. These sites are easy to use and easy functionality gives how the finished product will look and work in the browser.

UI Patterns and Framework

Increasing popularity of WordPress and pre designed themes has made a noticeable impact on how desktop sites look and work today. Both UI and UX patterns appear across the web where many sites look and function in very similar ways.

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