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Wordpress is the most resourceful platform to manage content on your website. It is based on MySQL and is compatible with PHP. The experts at Soft System Solution can use Wordpress to create, manage and update your website in the most customized way possible. One of its strongest points is the large array of built in features including blogs. This makes a Wordpress based website highly interactive, and suitable for SEO.


Magento is best for developing highly functional e-commerce websites. It is based on Zend Framework, and works smoothly in conjunction with PHP5. If you want strong object-oriented web-applications and entity-attribute-value (EAV) model, we can utilize Magento to make competent websites for you.


Joomla consists of application data, business rules, logic, and functions, making it one of the most efficient and smart tools for publishing web content. Major programming languages have adopted Joomla as architecture for internet applications. Its impressive list of features include search, poll, blogs, RSS feed, printable pages, news and language internationalization. Our developers can use Joomla to create easily manageable and error-free websites.


Drupal’s applications range from personal blogs to back end work for highly significant business websites. The available list of features, make Drupal one of the most convenient tool of making smooth and user friendly websites and empowers our experts to deliver tailor-made results, as per your requirements.


PHP is highly compatible with HTML and extremely friendly for both users and developers. This is why PHP is used to create interactive and easily manageable websites that cover all functional aspects. PHP is the core component for all the major web applications today, and we are proud to offer you high quality PHP development, through our highly competent developers.


Microsoft designed .NET for windows to offer a safe, secure and smooth operating language. Our .NET experts are thoroughly accustomed with it, which allows us to make full use of its efficient language interoperability.


Python is a sophisticated programming language for developing software for all major application domains. Python is compatible with other languages like Java, C+ and C ++ and is suitable for carrying out programming of any kind, including object-oriented, imperative programming, functional programming or procedural styles of programming paradigms. We are well-versed with Python and the languages that are compatible with it. This enables us to create fully-functional websites for our clients.

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What Our Client Says

Don’t take our word for it, see what our satisfied clients say about us.

We thought we had all the right credentials to become a major force in our sector. That being said, we weren’t able to generate enough revenues to match that claim.

It’s rare to see this kind of professionalism these days. They developed the kind of website I wanted and exactly when I wanted it. Very good, guys!

The design they created for our business website is commendable. I really like the new layout.

I never realized that a website can be this important. I am personally very impressed with the skills of the designers and developers at Soft System Solution.

Many of my clients have complimented us for our new website. Thoroughly impressed, and will come definitely, if we ever again need designing/development solutions.